The Joshi Group

TJG are involved in multiple verticals,
if you’ve seen the TSN emblem on a product or service,
we’re probably behind it.


The secret network is our philosophy, its a team of forward thinking people carefully selected & all working together towards the same objectives & goals with integrity, ethics and morals at the forefront. We work together as a team to ensure our ventures are a success and collectively promote all businesses associated to the secret network.

We have a secret emblem for the network, if you buy a product off the shelf or visit a website and see the secret network emblem on it, you know that the secret network are behind it, its a way of us grouping brands but not obviously associating them, however, we are very careful where we use the emblem and do not endorse the emblem on all businesses that we are involved in.


The logo took months of development & was originally designed by John Langdon, the man behind the concepts of the Da Vinci Code, Angel & Demons & many more, the logo is an ambigram, meaning it says exactly the same thing upside down, this technique is a great talent & very few people can comprehend to even start to design such a logo.

The secret network logo is not supposed to be read when you first look at it, nor is it supposed to make sense, the whole point of the logo was to represent a secret, only after careful examination will you notice that it says The Secret Network, then you realize it says exactly the same upside down and only then you realise the complexity of  the secret network logo.


We hope you appreciate the logo as much as we do.


Invest & incubate: The Secret Network has developed a winning formula to help amplify & deliver success for the projects we are involved in.

We are very particular about who we work with.

We are a team of forward thinking like minded people focussed on innovation who are carefully selected & working together towards the same objectives & mutual goals.

We are a team and we grow together.

We follow an internal ethical code of practice with a list of objectives some of which lead positive impact on society and our planet.

Ubi concordia, ibi victoria.

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